Saturday, June 18, 2011


By Glenda Grande

Paper planes roam the sky as origami flowers litter the garden beds in a world of paper. The simple pleasures that we slowly forget and take for granted still hold their magic in this place – like a child’s mind filled with imagination, always seeing more than what meets the naked eye.

Sitting upon the paper-shredded like grass, slightly rough and dry to the touch, a young boy sits and folds himself a little boat from his candy wrapper. He does so with a smile on his face, only learning how to create the little water-floater the previous day from his beloved grandfather. It was the way boys used to play in his day, he said to the young child, for back then there were no fancy electronic toys to occupy their time.

After completing the final touches, the boy jumped up and rushed to the nearby fountain to test out his creation. Slowly, he gently placed the paper boat onto the water and kneeled beside the fountain, watching it float as he created an adventure inside his mind.

To be a pirate or an explorer – ideas which sparkled like treasure in his heart filled him with a curious wonder. What if we could, like paper, manipulate the folds of events in our life to create something? From his little candy wrapper, he was able to create a boat, but he started to think about the other possible shapes he could make.

As we grow older, sometimes we forget and neglect that child inside of us, pushing aside the curious wonder which once filled our hearts as each day brought upon a new adventure. We become so concerned and engrossed in the idea of getting by that we overlook the simple, happy pleasures in life.

Aren’t we all, more or less, like a child with a piece of paper? We hold our lives in our hands but often don’t realize we have the power. That paper, much like our life, can be turned into anything we desire – a rose, a heart with a flower or a plane to soar through dreams. We can write words upon it, draw a picture or colour it in.

Our life is like a piece of paper – make what you will of it.

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Emotions written from the heart, this young woman writes a collection of literature by telling the tales of life with artful words. Her aim is to make people remember that being emotion-filled is only human. You can find more of her literary works on her website


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