Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Kalanu's adventure
By Lilly Era

Once upon a time, there lived a girl, a little girl with her mom. Her name was Kalanu. She lived in a castle, for she was royalty. She was 8 years old, and always making up stories and songs and drawing and painting, for those were all her best talents! Her best friend was a wolf, for the wolf saved her from anything, and she loved it with all her heart. But, she wasn't allowed to go out on adventures or what not until she was at least 10, or maybe 13. But little Kalanu was too adventurous to just follow the rules and not her heart, so every night after her mother, Luna, and her father, Nickolos, went to bed, she'd get a lamp and go out on some adventure. Her wolf would help her out of any trouble, and she knew it, but then, one night she went out into the deep dark part of the forest, but she was not scared, just a little chilled, but she knew her wolf would help if any trouble came by, so she kept walking, but then, she didn't notice a tree stump on the ground! She tripped and fell, and started to cry, her tears dried away in a little while, then suddenly she felt like somebody heard her and was watching her. She looked all around but saw nothing-- then she heard feet crunching in the leaves, and then, out came an acorn, rolling on small coins as wheels. It wasnt feet she heard, but a sound like loud bells. She looked wondering, what happened? Her wolf was asleep next to her, then, she realized it was fairies! one flew onto Kalanu's knee. She was wearing a crown and she was very pretty. She looked at Kalanu.

"Are you lost little sweet Kalanu?" the fairy asked.

"Well....little fairy....y..y..yes I am but, how do you know my name?" Said Kalanu. the little fairy looked at her again.

"My name is Stella, queen of all fairies." she said "and every fairy knows of the sweet royal and adventurous little Kalanu with her wolf as sweet as candy to her. We're always behind the bush watching you! We knew one day that you'd get lost, and we wanted to help you."

"I need to get home before morning!" Said little Kalanu. "Or my mother and father shall know! They will lock me in my room for a very long time and put locks and chains on the windows! Ill never be able to come out in a very long time! they might even put a camera in my room!" Said little Kalanu, sadly and angrily.

As she started to cry, the fairy got on Kalanu's shoulder, and said: "oh my little Kalanu, we shall make sure that doesn't happen! We will lead you back to the castle, just follow our light, we wont go too fast, trust us!"

Kalanu looked at her and stopped crying. "'ll do that for me?" asked Kalanu.

"Yes, of course!" said the fairy queen.

"You're very kind." Said kalanu.

"Well, then lets go then!" Said stella. "Follow my light! Ok?"

"Okay!" And she did. She followed and followed and ran with her wolf by her side, but then, her feet got tired and she fell onto the ground. "Stellaaaaaa! Help! Stop! Don't leave!" But Stella didn't hear.

"Oh no!" She tried to get up, but her leg had a cut, a big cut! She couldn't walk. "Ill never get home! I'll just die here! Lost in the woods with no food, no water and a cut-up, leg? I'll die for sure!" Kalanu cried, but she let it go. She could still see Stella's light. "Oh Stella, I...Im coming!"

She stood strong and ran as fast as she could to Stella and followed, but she tripped again, this time over a baby cheetah. She had to find the mother, but then she heard the mother coming for her. She put the cheetah on the ground and ran as fast as ever, but with her cut she fell again. the mother cheetah right behind her. Stella was still so bright that Kalanu could still see her, and then she ran to the fairy with her wolf when the cheetah didn't notice.

Then, at last, she saw it. Her castle stood high and proud in the distance. She ran up and cried "THANK YOU STELLA! I'll never forget you!" And then she ran inside, and ran up to her bed and jumped in it. Now she could get some sleep.

She got up in the morning and everything was back to normal, and every night she stayed close to the castle, and she'd play with the fairies and then go back to sleep.

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Lilly Era is nine years old. She wants to be an artist, a writer, a singer and a dancer when she grows up.


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