Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sounds For A Stranger
By Victoria Vasterling

They clash against ears with shrill intensity

Making you feel their vibrations,

You can see them quaking

in towers high and far.

Feet drag, leaves break

crackle and pop

alongside the shrieking.

The cracking stops and rushing starts

blue before your eyes. Sparkling reflects your face.

Gushing, flowing, racing, right beside you

Close your eyes and listen.

First it’s there and then it’s gone

Light passing you without thinking

Racing around inside your plush pink brain.

The twinkle is in the ceiling, now it’s in your feet.

Eyes blinded, voice calling you—deep and low

warmth from wax, on fingertips.

Men walk, deep eyes, dark flowing

Close your eyes and listen.

Metal on stone, ground shuttering with the weight

smacking you in the face with it’s clopping.

Horses whining, calling you for help,

Leather striking, faces twisted, tongues clucking.

Blood pulsing, legs heavy, sounds overwhelm you,

you are crashing, ground is rising and the two of you meet.

Now close your eyes and listen.

Blue emptiness, calming peace

Faces blurring, you are fading, sound intensity crashing in

The sounds you do not know

that you have been learning

now disappear.

White surrounding, thick like blankets

on limbs and arms.

You are going,

Clopping, banging, clucking, moaning, whining, shrieking, tinkling. All are gone

It is quiet.

Close your eyes and listen.

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Victoria Vasterling has had stories published on She is currently studing creative writing at Concordia University, St.Paul and is a staff writer for the Universities Newspaper.


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