Sunday, May 30, 2010


The Drop
By Amanda Firefix

Entering the atmosphere for the first time is an experience you’ll never forget. You see the whole Earth spread out below you like an open door, coming up larger and larger as it reaches out to embrace you. Then, things start turning blue, clouds whisper past your arms, your legs, the highest icy edges like feathers against your skin. You fall right through them in your astral body, fall faster and faster until suddenly you’re amid it all, buried in earth, feeling the wind-breath of air, the caress of water, the warmth of the planet’s sacred fire. You taste life, reality, and in that moment, you are one with everything, and the only thing you can think of is your mother’s smile whispering the words: welcome home.

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Amanda Firefox is a fiery little brunette who spends as much time at the beach as she can manage. She doesn't write much, but when she writes, it's almost always about her favorite subject: boys.


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