Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A Sticky Situation
By Linda Garnett

"Aren't you boys too old to be trick or treating?" asked the woman.

"Just give us a treat," answered Joe.

She held out a tray of caramel apples.

They swept all the apples into their pillow cases and ran.

"I'll make you pay!" she yelled.

The boys sat in the park and ate the apples. Several growls startled them but they saw nothing.

“Let's get out of here," said Joe.

They tried to run but couldn't. They had turned into caramel apples.

Suddenly, Hell's apple eaters attacked them.

Hours later, cops found giant apple cores inside two bloody Halloween costumes.

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Linda Garnett is currently editing her first novel, a sci-fi comedy. Her work has appeared in Stories That Lift, New Flesh, Flashes in the Dark, Static Movement, WeirdYear, Flash Shot and The Short Humour Site.


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