Friday, June 25, 2010


Lips of Rain’fa
By Rodney Horne

When the lips of Rain’fa purse into the first notes of song, worlds form, rise out of the ethers to coalesce as earth and stone. His words come across eons, and with each breath he sings a new epoch, a new period that rises, falls, lives and dies on the movements of the music. When the song finally ends, when lips rest and reality seems to take pause, those same worlds created with the song fall away again, fade, vanish. Nothing lasts forever, nothing but Rain’fa and the echo of the song.

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Dr. Rodney Horne lives on a hillside with his wife and his two cats. Having retired from technical writing, he has been published in Neometropolis Magazine, The Opinion Magazine, and Armitage Hand (AHNR).


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