Saturday, March 27, 2010


Each New Theocracy
By E.S. Wynn

With each new king, the people were betrayed yet again.

The first warlord to seize power organized our first state religion, a hodgepodge of the most popular tribal superstitions and loose cults. The second abolished that religion just as it had become comfortable, replacing it instead with the rigid and provincial system of a venomous camel herder. The third, seeing the ease with which the people could be coerced into believing whatever was bound up in a book, changed the camel herder’s faith to fit his motives and hunger for more. But it was our fourth, who rose to power by promising relief from the hell of institutionalized faith, that enforced on us instead the tyranny of a cold and empty world in which there were no gods, no soul.

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When science begins to look like religion, it is no longer science.


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