Saturday, March 19, 2011


Heart Beat
By Sarah Anne Stinnett

My 2 is you ‘til time will make us tear
Ourselves in two. Now listen closely: ONE,
2, ONE, 2. Hear my heart beat two for you?
The day will come when I am gone, my Dear,
And 1 is left alone. Just think of me,
Across the river Jordan waiting. You’ll
Be with me soon. So don’t you hurry, take
Your time. Your time will come when time is right.
You’ll always be with me. You’re in my heart.

- - -
Sarah Anne Stinnett is a senior at Berklee College of Music. She spends most of her free time painting, writing, and traveling as a part of her family's music festival business, The Bass Workout. As a performing artist she performed not only as a musician but also as a SLAM poet, tap dancer, and thespian. Sarah aspires to live the life of a Renaissance Woman and dives head-first into whatever comes her way.


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