Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Throes of Heroism, a Prelude
By W. Steven Pendleton

There is much that could be said of warriors and wizards, of the kingdoms they carve for themselves, and the countless deities that secure their allegiance. But, what of the unnamed hero who seeks not to glorify himself? What of him and his unselfish act? Is he still not a hero then, if left unclaimed by a witness, or even himself?

The famed Aldin Azgoth, now there was a hero! Placed into the darkest oppressive situation, he arose a shining example of heroism. Heroes are made by their own action and claim not to revel in that deed, but swear by their own life they did what needed to be done. Is it the need of others, unconscious or otherwise, to declare him the "hero"? He who just did what needed to be done...

It's possible that the Fates play their part in this, plucking and pulling, weaving the threads of our lives into the one singular and beautiful tapestry that is our existence. I would find the tapestry rather dim without the threads of those with hope, vision, and determination. Azgoth's story is one of those bright threads that continue to shed inspiration.

The true hero does not apply to the weary din of life, but somehow he is pulled out of the thresh to rise a shining example of humanity. Acknowledged and worshipped, the hero is subjected to reverential awe, mostly against his will. He is suddenly more responsible for his actions, subjected by his duty. So, what defines then the true hero? He who swallows his fate and accepts it as duty without reputation, or the one who accepts it at the cost of personal livelihood to inspire the lesser man?

Only the gods may decide! For men have not the faculties to determine his true potential. But all, gods or men, define heroes the same: unselfish men and women of action!

This is the story of such men and women…

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Bio: Well, besides his favorite past times Steven enjoys the sunsets he can see from his hillside home in southeastern Idaho. His wife, four kids, two dogs, and Peaches and Cream the Cat, share a life of adventure and chaos. He enjoys telling his kids stories about the characters in his world Pendora. He anxiously awaits the coming of his new child and to be able to share his adventures with her as well.


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