Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dream Recollection
By Glenda Grande

He invades my dreams in the moonlight
With a cheeky smile, he takes my hand.
His words are few, but within his eyes
A vision of the new world is reflected at me.

He kisses me softly, gently, passionately -
Without fear or doubt about our emotions;
Casting aside all opinions other than our own.
Together in our hearts, we hold a promise
As he takes my hand, intertwining with his.
We begin a new story; a fairytale of our own.

A knight, with a heart nobler than all kings,
Whose love is warm and nurturing like sunlight;
Appearing as mystically enchanting as night
Invades my dreams beneath the starry moonlight.

So goodnight, sweet dreams, and dream again
Of everything I could ever want in a lover, a friend.

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Emotions written from the heart, this young woman writes a collection of literature by telling the tales of life with artful words. Her aim is to make people remember that being emotion-filled is only human. You can find more of her literary works on her website


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