Saturday, March 6, 2010


Terraforming Energy
By All Is Light

A quick guide on how to change the energy in a room or any given area to the exact vibe, frequency, color, feeling or sensation you need it to be in, regardless of how negative or tainted the energy already there is.

Step 1: Determine how many corners there are in the boundary of the area you are going to change the energy in. Find that many objects, however large or small, (as long as you know they can hold your energy for an extended period of time – I use small stones, beads, candles, sometimes objects that are already in a given corner,) and place one of them in each corner until all the corners have an object in them.

Step 2: Find the spot where the energy is the most disturbing and sit there. If you’re having trouble finding it, close your eyes and focus on following your way to it using your third eye.

Step 3: Get comfortable, smile, relax, think about a happy memory, close your eyes and focus on the light of your inner energy field. If you’re troubled about something or there are other traces of unclean or negative energy in your system, take a moment to cleanse them, to cycle in clean energy and cycle out the unclean. Remember, you’re using your own energy as a template for the change you want to effect on the energy of the room around you, so bring your own energy into the perfect state.

Step 4: Begin to meditate. Change your focus to seeing the room or the area (however large) that you want to change the energy within, and do so with your eyes closed. See it from every angle. Look into every corner, study the way the negative energy in the space looks, note its color, the way it moves or spreads.

Step 5: Focus again on the light within yourself. Build it, picture it as it spreads from the center of your being outward into the rest of your body, beyond the lines of your body into your transpersonal energy field (AKA aura) and further out into the rest of the room. Feel the change in the energy around you as it becomes like the light flooding out from within you, feel your body becoming light, reaching out and slowly spreading until it fills the entire space with clean, wonderful energy, converting all the negative energy in the space as it goes. Like terraforming, you will literally be changing all the energy in that given space to exactly the frequency, color, or feeling that you want it to be. You’re setting the tone for the entire room, and literally creating a sort of blank slate in the entire space– with one exception. It’s not really blank, it’s exactly as clean, awesome, healing, inspiring or calming as you need it to be.

Step 6: Slowly, carefully, like the tide receding from the shore, draw your light back into your body and, as you do so, the energy you have left behind will be clean and uniform, exactly as you envisioned it. Once you have returned completely to your body, remember to breathe, take a moment to feel the energy settling in place around you, and then open your eyes.

Step 7: In order to make this change more permanent (you can change the energy this way to anything you want at any time, but people, spirits, and other forms of energy will have a much harder time leaving anything behind in or tainting the energy in your space) you can carry a bit of this energy with you and charge those objects you placed in the corners in Step 1 with it so that they hold and maintain the energy as a sort of perimeter around the space. You can also do this without objects at all by simply laying (or drawing) energy wards in the air (or on a surface) in the corners. Once this is done, very little will ever need to be done in order to keep the energy in the area as you set it.

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All is light, and light is all. We see, we breathe, we think, we love, and in the hinterlands between the folds in the fabric of reality and spirit, we find magic, we learn what it is to be Soul, to be light.


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