Sunday, November 14, 2010


Interpreting The Sigil
Transcribed from the original by L. Abraham Armitage, PhD

(Plate 6, Object 791: site C)

Follow the light arrow, find heaven.1.
Follow the dark arrow, find oblivion. 2.
Follow the green arrow, find life.
Follow the red arrow, find death.

He who walks the circle willingly
Encounters all of these arrows in turn.

He who walks the circle without rhythm
Of intent
Will always be drawn
To the darkness.

1. Heaven both in the sense of bliss and in the sense of the greater cosmos, as the natives understood it. There seems to be a linkage hinted at by the related glyphs that, to the natives, the darkness of a starry night, complete with astrological phenomena, was the domain of a bliss-like heaven.

2. In much the same way that the natives’ concept of heaven incorporates space, their concept of oblivion includes the vastness of space and the incredible distances of void between stellar objects.


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