Sunday, February 6, 2011


By Lilly Era

Where am I?
Am I dead?
Did I fall and hit my head?
Would I be able to think that if I had?
The Last thing I remember was being on earth
now here I am
in a place where logic isn't logical
and nonsense is taught in schools.
But wait...are there schools?
Would there be in place like this?
But wait...where is this?
Did I fall?
Did I scream?
This all just some crazy dream?
Pinch me, I must be dreaming,
except that never works.
But would I be thinking I was dreaming in a dream where I was thinking and dreaming or am I just thinking about dreaming?
hello? Is anyone there? Where am I, if I may ask?
“yes, you may ask”
where did that come come from?
“from me, the flower. You're in wonderland”


- - -
Lilly Era is nine years old. She wants to be an artist, a writer, a singer and a dancer when she grows up.


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