Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We Miss You
By Madeline Dyer

My memories of you are odd ones. They're never quite in focus, always hazy, always slightly hidden. But then that sums you up exactly, doesn't it! Or it did, back when I knew you.

Maybe you are still like that, maybe you're not. Maybe I'll never know.

My favourite memory of us is when you took me to the Moonlight Market. I'd wanted to go for ages, but not until that day was I old enough. And you didn't want to take me, you'd rather have been out flying with those strafe friends of yours; but you still took me to the Moonlight Market.

I remember flying there, you did all sorts of crazy stunts, flying backwards, upside-down, loop-the-loop. Show off. I remember trying to copy you. Ha! Remember that! I'd only just learnt to fly, as if I could do anything fancy, my little wings were tired after I'd barely begun. But I still tried to copy you. I was stupid even to try, it would only end up with me falling...

I remember the chilling rush of air, my screaming as the ground came up to meet me, and you're strong arms as you saved me from a horrible, painful death. My wonderful big brother.

Strangely enough, I can't even remember much about the Moonlight Market after all. I think I must've been too tired after all that excitement. Too tired and too young.

But I remember other things. I remember you weaving a grass mat, and when you caught that cute baby rabbit which you brought home for me. And how could I forget the day you were showing off your magic and made yourself too tall to fit in the house? Dad had to shrink you back. And he made you shorter than normal as a punishment for using dangerous magic. You were furious but didn't dare try to right it.

Maybe that's why you ran away, leaving only our memories of you behind.

I've still got that baby rabbit you know. Well she's not much of a baby anymore. Mum's been teaching me how to ride her. I've called her Silkie and I'm making a new saddle blanket for her.

I dream of the day you'll come back. I wonder will you recognize me? I'm not little anymore, I'm taller than Mum. But I've still got the red hair. And the green eyes. The same as you.

Please come home. I want to see you. Kiri wants to see the legendary big brother she's never met. Mum and Dad want to see you. Please come home. We miss you.

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Madeline lives on a farm in Devon, England, and has a strong love for mythology and folklore; this in particular inspired her to start writing fantasy. She is currently working on a young adult fantasy novel.


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