Thursday, December 16, 2010


Government Wizards
By Utme Cohiro

Your government employs wizards. Did you know that?

Most of them are field agents, zipping back and forth on the ethers like breeze-blown dust. Only a few are crippled or scarred enough to spend their hours flying desks (and man do those desks fly.)

You know that tingle you get sometimes? Like icy fingers up your spine? That’s them, that’s how you know they’re looking at you, looking into you, studying your very soul.

They’re like cops that way, always running plates, checking your akashic record, looking for unresolved occult violations they can bring you in for.

To some people, their prying eyes are just an annoyance, but these occult officers keep us safe from the serious criminals, the men and women who would otherwise go unchecked as they bent those of weaker will to their liking, twisting the world into a paradise for them, uncaring even as it became a hell for the rest of us.

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I am Utme. Hear me roar.


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