Wednesday, June 8, 2011


By Dr. Benjm. ‘TeaPot’ Freeman – Museologist.

Clouds are a wondrous element of airship travel. Their shapes and hues promote the joy of combing one's fingers through their wisp when flying through their provenance. Clouds also hide danger. Storms, lightening, and other ships. The ether wave-sets help track positions, but only from friendly ships willing to transmit.

The Barbarous ones, those who plunder and grapple with hook and fist, they do not transmit anything but terror and surprise. Dastards. Minions of the Dark Skies. Fie upon them. One appreciates the glory of flight - but one keeps a polished sidearm cleaned, loaded and ready at all times.

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G.Robin Smith is a writer, fundraiser, educational consultant and performer living in Seattle-ish Washington. He is sponsored in his work by Hardwick & Sons, Inc. ( and The Interactive History Company (


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