Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Natural Desires
By Autumn Elizabeth

The mist was rising all around him. The forest was dark and the moon was high. It beamed like the brightest light, and yet still the woods were dark. He could hear things, perhaps animals, perhaps snow falling, perhaps his own mind working. He seemed to glide through the forest, propelled by some unknown force. He walked but did not trip on roots or fallen branches, though they littered the ground. The mist swirled around him, the air was cold, yet he could not see his own breath. He walked for ages, for minutes, nothing moved but him. All was still except for his heart. It was racing in his chest, as though a small humming bird had taken residence inside him and become part of him.

He was moved toward a clearing. The moon broke through the trees and at last he could see. He almost wept at the beauty before him. There she stood and he could never have imagined wanting anything else. The large eyes of a doe, with soft kissable lips, yet curious pointed ears, poised and alert to his arrival. She was standing upright on the legs of a fawn, elegant white spots on a lush coat; a short tail gave further glimpses of whiteness as is moved up and down. The breasts that shone like pearls in the moonlight were those of a young girl. He did not know what this beauty was before him, but it did not matter. In that moment there was no worry. He was not afraid. He simply knew his lust and his need for the creature quietly standing before him. The cold did not pierce him, the forest silently awaited.

He took a step, but this time he stumbled. He was dirty, covered in mud as he reached for the breast of the beast, but he never made contact with those pure orbs. As the creature of his desire tried to speak, only screams arose, screams that brought him away from the forest, pulled him away, until the cold threw him awake, in his own bed.

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Autumn Elizabeth is a writer, scholar, and traveler. Her writing has appeared in When Women Waken, The Rumpus, the Journal of Bisexuality, and on numerous blogs, such as A Practical Wedding and Tiny Buddha. She is a native of Northern California and currently resides in Europe.


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