Friday, December 17, 2010


Master of Demons
E.S. Wynn

To be a master of demons, one has to command fear. Demons are born of fear. They are born of wild, unbridled terror, and like beasts, they prey instinctively upon the weak.

To be a master of demons, one has to be solid as a stone, a weighted anchor in a stormy sea.

You have to wear the demon, be it, see it, embrace it, let it sink into your skin. You have to keep focus, be a wall against chaos, the order, the conscience and drive within the demon. You have to have the courage to fill yourself with that power but be solid against the urge to prey upon the weak, to inspire fear and obliterate all who rise against or run from you.

Demons can be powerful servants, powerful guardians, but remember always that they are wild passions born of fear, never to be disrespected, never to be trusted completely.

Never to be left to fester alone in the darkness.

To be a master of demons, one has to be the master of oneself. One has to recognize and possess fear, walk within terror and remain undisturbed, be the rock within the flame.

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Thus does God walk, for demons are the servants of God, and the good master never walks in fear of his servants.


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