Friday, April 23, 2010


By Miles D’Antone

When the hate finally ran out, the souls that had stood for eons as the filters between darkness and light faded, grew weary. Some, realizing their power, the true flexibility of their energetic beings, learned to feed off the lighter emotions, to cycle them through their being before releasing them again into the flow again, amplified. Others, lost or forgetful in the stir of emotions rolling through the ethers, slowly starved themselves into near oblivion, while a few, a very few, grew bitter.

It was these bitter souls who, gathering first and then dispersing, dared to look to the future, drawing up their own long term plans for survival as they changed, one by one, and began to sew new seeds of hate in the fresh soul of the happy world.

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D’Antone was born in Naples, but moved to the US in 1979. He now lives in Boston and works at a coffee house in order to afford rent and the food bills for his fifteen cats.


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