Sunday, March 20, 2011


Fool's Gold
By Stephen Ronayne

When I think of you
I get image of a dark blue canoe
Then I review
All hardships I put you through
You alone
Break through dark wrathful waters
It's a raffle with your life that I am deaf to

I pursue
A portrait-of-your-face
That always degenerates
I repent the sin as it attempts regenerate
My brain grows mold
As my heart turns cold
I just enrolled into something
That withholds foretold fool's gold

I get hold
Of a splinter that reads "Peace Of Mind"
But it explodes in flames
Heartbeat increased eyes blind
An unkind bind has my strength declined

I resign
As I remind myself
What got me here
It all seems clear
As I wander this new frontier
You start to appear
As my condition gets severe
Your face reads fear, tear, and finally cheer

As I slip away
You delay
And hold me for another year
You pray
Even though you don't believe
You know you can't stay
And tears roll down your sleeve

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I am a non-student who works full-time. With my free time I enjoy creating music, and writing. I strive to think "out-of-the-box", but at times find myself struggling to remember the way back in.


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