Monday, May 17, 2010


Dirty Laundry
By M. Hopperhens

It is illegal to wear the robes of a scribe if you are not a member of the guild, but I do it anyway. No one asks, no one checks the records, no one says anything. No one I see in the hall is of a class low enough to know that I’m just a lowly farmer, someone who digs through mud for the roots that they stew, and so no one stops me when I walk through the door, tell the guard that I’m here on headmaster’s business and disappear into the archives. I have access to everything here, secret files hidden for the magistrate, court records, everyone’s dirty laundry, the mud under everyone’s nails. It gives my people the only edge they have, the only fuel the resistance needs to build the pressure for a revolution that will shake the social structure to its foundation when it finally bursts forth.

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M. Hopperhens believes in the power of the people!


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