Sunday, July 18, 2010


By Joseph Ariadne

When you learn that magic is little more than the oscillations of the mind within the electromagnetic web that cloaks and moves through all of reality, you suddenly realize that beyond your fleshy doubts, anything is possible. The emanations of the brain move wave-like through space and time, spread and grow, meshing in a matrix of thought which ebbs and flows. The meat of our bodies is a chemical collusion which rises to pass and exists for only the barest fraction of a telluric eye blink, but the thoughts, the beliefs and the ideas which leak from our minds go on forever, mixing endlessly in the soup of living thought, eternal.

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Some people believe that the truth has the most power when told in the form of unshakable fact. Ariadne believes that it has the most power when it is hidden in the fiction in which our minds marinate endlessly.


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