Monday, July 4, 2011


Yesteryear Fiction is undergoing a new change today! Right before your very eyes, the busy little gnomes who tirelessly maintain this magazine are retooling the works and polishing the steam assemblies for a brand new way of doing things.

Since it's inception on January 1st, 2010, Yesteryear Fiction has endeavored to provide readers and authors with a daily dose of fantasy flash, giving new writers the exposure they need to get a leg up in the world of today's writing market. In the interest of keeping exposure for new writers at the forefront of this operation, Yesteryear Fiction will henceforth be known not as a daily magazine, but as a weekly magazine. This change will provide all of our future writers with an entire week's worth of exposure and all of our readers with a higher quality of work to be read!

Also, the gnomes who grease the works were tired. They were about to revolt.

Keep sending us those fantasy flash pieces! We'll be publishing a new piece every Wednesday from here until the apocalypse comes (hopefully longer!)

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