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The 72 Names of the Unnamed King
Transcribed from the original by L. Abraham Armitage, PhD

(Plate 6.7, Object 5: site A)

Note: I have included, for comparison purposes, both the original names of the Unnamed King and the transliterations in this translation of the text found on the stone obelisk at site A.

Here are the names of the king who must not be named:

!Nkth’an (King of Ashes)
Tak’lthk (Master of Black)
Y’nnagn!’tklkuak (Betrayer of Many Souls)
Bo’itykh (Master of the Alien)
Ga’hkk (Tomb-Scryer)
Juwrt’klah (Bloated Lord Worm)
Ww!’iirt (Living Death)
Qu’yothlee (Master of Keys)
Sno’verr (Skin Stealer)
B’!tyty-ja (Bone Chewer)
J’latornis (Ghost Dance Man)
G’rfty-p! (Skull hand)
Frotonst (Man of Stone)
!eeyaya (Unwinding of the Medicine)
G’henc-tolen’llah (Peeler of Infant Skin)
J’staa-p! (Man of Abyss)
Rt’kkaniyyk (L’thauun’s Hand)
Stakk’httan (Black hand)
Ghhk’an (Future-King)
T’yaan-Oolora (Void Lord)
F’v-ick-ala-breank (The Never Forgotten)
D’laan gorit-pan (Star-Stealer)
Lee’bran fortoick (Lord Star Watcher)
T’yall (Charter of the Signs in the Stars)
Borit-M’yaan (Bender of the Will)
Y!!-stan (Time Bend Lord)
R’blax!n (Soul of Blood)
G’at-baeik (The Hated)
Kri’lljan (Arcane Lord or lord of the forgotten knowledge)
Fe’i’i-!a (Dark Glyph)
Unous-La’a (Fallen Betrayer)
Jer’m-aan (He Who Grasps Time)
Fres’G!tylan (Cold Touch)
Nai’en-laev’n (Light Smother)
Wassa-gub’ent (Deep Black King)
Set’hap (Moonless)
X!-l’suh-meeuh (Robe Lit With Eyes)
Y’y’y-lileed’yot (King Hate)
Hyam Sa’wheech (Man of the Lying Tongue)
Urr-moam (Speaker of Demons)
G!-y’lan-Mneg (Mneg’ia’s Hand)
G!-p’tan-Mneg (Mneg’ia’s Consort)
Btla’ykk-hoam (King of the Dark Flag)
Nawta-Ry’syst (Master of Tattered Black)
Mo’tylan-kyack (Chaos King)
Pt-fft’haen botan leeanc (Lord of Spawning Nothingness)
Vo’lala-pek itan (Master of Biting Beetles)
J’reeptan alat (Famine Dancer)
Kori’yack (Onyx Phallus)
Bwanalaan-myan’g (Lord of the Skin That Burns)
P-e’stois ghae (Poison King)
Sele’yuan F’paan (Lord of Ripping Fungus)
Uokan Metow (Rot Shuffler)
P’sta silcvah (Bones Exposed)
Yuan’haj-la (Cruel Glove)
W’quoan (Abyss Rider)
Syan-forran (Smite Fist)
Pylan’hdam (Lord of Fire and Sound)
Reelan’mogaa-yoopa’la (Death Creator)
Y’y-iiat-g’la’la!-! pwyat (He Who Pushes The Wheel Back)
Hyanfopar-la (King of The Unknown Garden)
N’gendeean (He Who Crafts Fate)
Mon’routlan (Lord of Annihilation)
Ll!-groo’an (King of Blades)
Uon’sta’ast-ngk (Bone Wing)
Ngk’bub-snikt (Talon Glove)
R’huinliak (Great Defiler)
Krai’yunarr-fhun (Rampant Death)
L’vatieror-br! (Plague Lord)
Vh’aggra (King of Stagnancy)
Bhao’bdhole (Demon Bender)

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