Friday, March 11, 2011


Gorgon Restoration: # 1 Solution for Petrification
By Robert Shmigelsky

A landlord puts down her broom, dusts off her hands. Finished cleaning, she admires the view then walks out, closes the dining room before heading out through the front door. A cockatrice swoops through the open window, flies in circles around the room – over expensive furniture, priceless heirlooms. Eyes glare down, change setting to ultra-red. Shoot out slanted rays of light, which sweep the dining room, turning radiated matter to petrified stone. The landlord returns. Seeing the dining room, she draws a gasp as eyes stretch wide. Landlord turns straight around, proceeds to market where she buys: “Gorgon Restoration: the # 1 Solution for Petrication.” Heads straight home and grabs a rag, resumes cleaning all over again. Birds!

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Robert is an aspiring fantasy writer trying to improve and better organize his writing. Robert has been writing fantasy for himself in his spare time for the last seven years, but only now has begun writing for others.


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