Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In Plain Sight
By M.J. Albert

"Please, keep the sandwich. No charge." The vendor smiled as he raised his hands, palms out. I nodded and left, tasting the roast beef and peppers. People were approaching, I had to get out of there before they realized what I'd done.

One person was very easy to handle, two could be done with a little work, but three was impossible; at least for now.

A squad car pulled up next to me as I finished the sandwich. I continued walking as if I hadn't noticed.

"Excuse me sir." Blue uniform and gun. I rifled my brain for any mistake I might have made. There were two of them and cops were not easy to convince. One maybe, two no way. They were too suspicious by nature.

"Yes, can I help you officer?" "Do you have some I.D. on you sir?" I reached for my wallet and pulled out what I completely believed to be my license and caught the officer's eyes, drawing him in to my delusion. His partner walked up, destroying it all.

"Frank, that's a business card." Frank frowned and looked at his partner. "What do you mean? It's got his picture on it, date of birth--" Frank the cop looked at his hand and saw an old tattered business card.

His partner grabbed me, pulling out handcuffs. I saw birds, black ones with long yellow beaks, and caught the other cop's eye. Frank, however, was still staring at the business card. He looked up at his partner. "Mike, what are you doing?" "Birds Frank! You don't see those birds!"

I took the opportunity to run but Frank was on me before I could go more than three steps. He slapped the cuffs on me. I looked him in the eye and believed they weren't there. I moved to take his gun. Frank was quick, he slapped my hand away and grabbed his taser all in one motion.

I knew I was done until I got the psychiatrist alone again. I'd be out in a day. I was getting stronger, soon no one would stop me.

Bright white strings of pain shattered my mind just before Frank took away the light.

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I've been writing since I was 7 but quit submitting around the age of 25. I'm now 52 and looking for my first sale.


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