Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Destructive Magic
By All is Light

Now, don’t let the title fool you, we’re not talking about summoning natural disasters or blasting holes in things using the power of your mind, but rather how those who follow the Path of the Yazhi typically apply destructive energy, like any tool, without malicious intent, to achieve a specific and ultimately beneficial goal.

It has often been said that destruction and creation go hand in hand, and that the only constant in the universe is change; It is an ever-present fact that death is a part of the natural order of things, the end result that ultimately brings about rebirth and a new form of life at the end of which death waits again, and so the circle repeats itself endlessly. (Though the ultimate goal of any Yazhi is, of course, to break the cycle and transcend death, or at least, bypass it. More on this in the article: A Yazhi’s view of Death.) Even so, it is seen for what it is, a natural process, and more of a biproduct of life than the end result per se, but also as a powerful (and potentially dangerous) tool, as anything destructive often is (take uranium, for example!)

Of course, this begs the question: just what would you use it for? The answer is simple: to obtain your freedom. We cannot truly be free (and therefore enlightened) without tearing down at least some of the walls that build up in our consciousness, in our relationships, and in the world around us, reinforcing the material stratification that keeps us so grounded. Therefore, destructive energy can be seen as a way of bringing down the barriers we do not need anymore, of opening our eyes to things and aspects of reality that we had previously refused to even consider. Think about it: say a you have a violent, obsessive ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend) that stalks you and just doesn’t seem to get the hint that things are over; destructive energy, when worked properly, can be used to sever the ties (on a spiritual level) that bind him (or her) to you, safely and effectively, without causing irreparable harm to either of you. Remember– the Yazhi works in mysterious ways, and burning away connections such as these is often the starting point on the road to recovery; you may find that the ex you “cut loose” spiritually is better off for it, finally able to move on with his or her life and achieve things that might not have seemed possible before. Destructive energy can also be applied to spiritually scour parts of the soul or psyche that are stagnant or “dead,” removing the sort of restrictive emotional scar tissue that is often a barrier to proper energy flow and enlightened thought. Of course, caution is advised in all of these circumstances! Let morality (and not anger) be your guide, and do not take all emotional scarring at face value; some spiritual wounds run deeper than most people might imagine.

To my knowledge, no Yazhi has ever used this tool of the psyche and the soul to inflict harm of any kind onto others; they do believe, however, that many people do just that every day (on a small and incredibly imprecise level) without even realizing it. Think about it: energy is worked through the mind, and given life through emotion and intent; a person, not conscious of what kind of energy they might be working, directing and how it might affect the world (and people) around them, could cause a fair amount of damage (on a spiritual level, at least) simply by getting angry. Imagine, then, the amount of potentially destructive energy flying around cities and highways, mingling with other sorts of energy sent off just as unconsciously, creating the amalgam of mixed, emotionally generated energetic “static” that Yazhi claim we, as a species, have become mostly desensitized to.

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All is light, and light is all. We see, we breathe, we think, we love, and in the hinterlands between the folds in the fabric of reality and spirit, we find magic, we learn what it is to be Soul, to be light.


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