Friday, April 9, 2010


The Journey
By Glenda Grande

You, so sweet and naive, can change your heart within a moment.
Like a flower in the wind, so easily swayed by what surrounds you;
You leave yourself exposed, yet hide the important truth within,
Layering those petals to protect the very heart and soul of your being.

Purity of the most innocent kind – your aura reverberates magnificently,
Like an angel who only has the purest intentions at heart, you roam;
In search of the truth and light, and the light within the ultimate truth
You search for love to fulfill your heart, to consume your entire soul;
The ultimate dream of dreamers – romantics in their very essence -
Keep searching until you can grasp your faithful desire with your hands.
I too, walk this same journey as you – in search of something beautiful,
Searching for something that will gratify my heart and soul passionately.

To those who look upon us, they call us idealistic fools and laugh silently -
Call me what you wish. Call us whatever you please. We are the dreamers -
Our talents lie deep within our hearts, minds and souls. We live honestly.
We look towards tomorrow with hope and a smile upon our childish faces
While living each moment to the best of our ability, in laughter and joy
Or in sorrow and pain, let’s treasure each moment, emotion and memory.
For we are who we choose to be. We are the creators of our own destiny.
May the Lord above guide us in the direction needed, but ultimately my dear,
We are the masters of our own fates. Go ahead and take control.

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'Come with me and I'll take you on a stroll. Let me reveal the world to you in my perspective'
Lend me your heart, and allow to cast the angelic illusion.'
A collection of poetry and prose written by a young woman, telling the tales of life with artful words.


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