Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The Day Of Change
By Madeline Dyer

Today's the day I'm going to die. Die proudly in battle, defending my people. Just as it should be. Not that we should have to fight to live free lives in safety, but that's how it is.

Fighting is the only solution. It bides us time, and time is valuable. Maybe eventually we will be able to outwit the vampires, beat them at their own game, but for now, fighting is the best option. Our only option.

It's a good option too. Vampires - they aren't people like you and I, they don't have feelings, they're not human anymore; they're ruthless, cold blooded murderers, they should be locked up like the evil criminals they are.

I hope for a world that, one day, is vampire-free. Where we can live in safety, not fear. Children can't even go out and play anymore, the streets are far too dangerous for the monsters lurk everywhere. Imagine that. Keeping babies, toddlers, children, teenagers cooped up for their own safety; but of course they don't understand. They think we're the monsters. Our children rebel. They sneak outside on their own, unprotected. They think it's all one big joke. Then they're dead.

But I wish for just one day where it's not like that. When we're the free beings we once were. Of course, I won't see that day, I die today.

The vampires, they're the monsters. Not us. We shouldn't have to lock ourselves away so they can walk freely. No, it will change. Change will start today.

We outnumber them fifty-to-one. This is how we'll kill them. And how they'll kill us.

Yes, today's the day I die, the day of change.

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Madeline Dyer lives on a farm in Devon, England, and has a strong love for mythology and folklore; this in particular inspired her to start writing fantasy. She is currently working on a young adult fantasy novel.


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