Friday, December 31, 2010


Full Aspect of Plenty
By Thiede Wulf

Golden one, I dedicate this stirring of soul, light, ink and tree to your greatness. The infinite bounty of creativity is my gift. With words, I illustrate you, give you life, inscribe in the threads of reality a vision of your greenback eyes, your golden hands. Coins fall from your open mouth as gold glitters in your every step. Before you, all worries are dust, opulence and joy rain down and blanket the soul, stir laughter to sprout in the fertile earth. Where you walk, worries and walls fall before the bounty of your heart, your sweet, perfumed breath. In your light, all are soothed, all are awakened and smiling, reaching into pockets to find gold spilling forth. Your spun-gold hair runs beside smiling cheeks like sunlit rivers, ripe and rich with wine, life and wealth. Where your eyes light, smiles rise, life rises in laughter, rejoicing.

All is well! All is well! All is well!

Come forth, lord of gold, master of the joy that comes with wealth. Come forth and walk beside me, share your blessings with me, share your breath with me. Like angels, let us walk side by side, let joy journey with us into the lands of the future and let us laugh together as we rejoice in wealth. Let fears and doubts be far from our minds, and let us feast freely, picking ripe fruit from every tree as we pass. Let our lives be bountiful as the most fruited fields, and let rich opportunities fall naked and willing at our feet.

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Thiede Wulf has learned how to reset the kharmic wheel, but sometimes it spins on anyway in order to carry him toward a brighter sun.


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