Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last Data Entry
By LDF Yvigne

“Last data entry, date. . . I don’t know anymore. Does it even matter? Uhm. . .”

“At first, I thought something had gone wrong and I’d crashed in the middle of a history park, a reenactment or a renn faire or something, but when those men in the red coats came after me with those big swords, I knew that something else was going on. I played with some theories, decided I must have somehow traveled back in time, but that theory only lasted until this freaky pointy-eared chick jumped out of a tree and wrapped me up by putting her hands on the ground in a way that caused roots to shoot up and, I swear to god, grab me and drag me to the ground.”

“I saw weirder in the woods where her people build these massive tree-fort villages that look like Roman temples grown, no right out of the living wood, but the weirdest came when that giant wooly bird. . . I still can’t believe it. The thing was huge and covered in these big black tufts of wool. . . when that thing grabbed me and took me so high I nearly froze to death, I saw these crystal towers to the east, and then all these castles. . .”

“And then that bird thing dropped me in its nest. . . I know, right? seriously. And then I had to use my last few stunshot rounds to keep its babies at bay. Big babies. Wish I’d had more rounds, I’ve lost a lot of blood. . .”

“I just figure someone should know, anyone. . .”

“Yeah right.”

“Like anyone is ever going to find this.”

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