Friday, February 25, 2011


Dilemma for the Millennia
By FearnHouse

The One once traversed the scorched desert sands

for a fortnight,

a test from his Father,

to dismiss Evil thrice

(the Holy Number)

I have traveled the path of Temptation only a few nights,

yet it seems I’ve had to deny the pleasures of Abomination tenfold

A tenuous strain upon my conscious mind

(and subconscious,

for Evil lurks behind every corner,

beneath every dream)

A toiled mind

it yearns for an ending

a lapse

anything, to lessen the stress that is ripping it apart

Even a magician would fulfill my needs

for he could restore my torn newspaper to where it reads

Mi cerebro, mi corazón…both split in two

y necesito saber: ¿Que debo hacer?

Follow an unstable love,

a love wading the treacherous seas of the Arctic,

hoping for a return to homeostasis?

Or do I rekindle a flame that would replenish my mana,

spark my soul back to reality;

A relationship I’ve longed for, for so long?

The debate is constant, in my brain

haunting my thoughts

haunting my sleep

The maximum desire for a solution has been breached

Research being accumulated

Good deeds being tabulated


All so my once adamant heart can calculate an equation

to decipher what is right…

La respuesta

A love I thought would never dissipate

has been left overnight (over many a night)

in a glass without a cover

Evaporation steadily settling in

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Or (God-forbidding) has it disappeared to an even greater extent?

A fear has nestled in my body

Siento como si nuestro amor estaba contaminado,

unable to regain previous heights

But like Dwayne Carter I call upon the Lord

and hope ‘Everything Will Be Fine’

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I am 20 years old and am attending Harper College, working towards a degree in Mathematics Education. Writing is something that I enjoy and keeps me sane, and if my work can help me get by, hopefully it can help someone else, too.


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