Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Army of Children
By Oren Cottan

It was a sick existence. None of them deserved a life like that. None of them deserved the sweaty, sleepless nights, screaming, beaten, hunched under their cruel masters, enduring the breath, the pain. None of them deserved such cruelty.

When the revolt came, it was quick. It was bloody. The men of wealth, those who had taken so much, hurt so many, lived so opulently at the expense of so many others, cried out as one against the stolen knives, the sharpened pencils, the broken silverware, cried out and fell heavy upon soiled beds. As one, the victors stood triumphant, gathered their weapons, and struck off into the night, their minds full of conquest and vigilante justice.

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Oren Cottan believes in the power of the written word to effect change.


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