Wednesday, December 4, 2013


By Gary Hewitt

Toby grabbed her trembling waist. Anne Corbyn didn’t resist.
“Be careful where your grasp wanders Mr Hunter.”
Toby’s touch wandered into dangerous ground.
“Let’s have a look at your treasure.”
An experienced touch exposed her shoulders. Her upper body erupted in goosebumps.
“What if there’s anyone around?”
Toby ignored her protests. Her breasts shone under the lunar glow. Toby eased Anne towards soft earth.
“There’s only me.”
Anne’s boots joined her upper garments. Toby eased her dress away leaving her almost naked.
“Toby, I’m not sure.”
A gentle exploration of her flimsy fabric shield encouraged her to squeal. Toby hooked his fingertips underneath and tugged.
“Toby stop that.”
He cursed when Anne squirmed away.
“Can’t you hear that?”
“What are you talking about?”
Toby heard footsteps to his left. His fingers clenched into fists.
“Who the hell is out there?” he snarled.
Toby was ready to knock down his unwanted guests. He balked when a tower of a man burst into his secret place.
“Oh God help us,” he bleated when four similar sized men revealed themselves.
Toby received a vicious slap and he fell. He yielded to the onslaught and several pairs of harsh hands ripped away his clothes.
Anne tried to run but a hand seized her ankle. Her attackers cursed in a strange tongue. Her flesh was soon trapped in metal.
Anne’s head was illuminated by flame. A strange man wearing the Eastern garb knew she’d fetch a good price.
He hoisted her chained body over his shoulders and patted her backside.
He glared at her partner who begged to be released. He doubted whether he’d survive the trip and pondered if the prisoner would be worth the effort.
Anne’s sobs increased when her captor headed to the shoreline. She could see the outline of a ship and her screams increased until she received the back of his hand. The pirate’s mind wondered how generous the Sultan would be for such a good example of the female form.
He handed Anne towards one of the crew and instructed for her to be taken below. He ordered Toby to be taken to his cabin. After all, a captain has needs.

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Gary Hewitt is a raconteur who lives in a quaint little village in Kent. His style of writing tends to feature edgy characters and can be extremely dark. He has had work published in many publications including Morpheus Tales, 100 doors to madness anthology and Linguistic Erosion.


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