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War Song I - Torvenfell
By Ram Iyer

War, Prince Carsedius, is in the nature of men.

We are constantly at war; with enemies, with neighbors, with aggressors and with those we seek to conquer. There are no constants in life. Everything changes. You can either effect change or you can accept it. That is the choice that separates Kings from men. You will be King one day Carsedius, and you will make this choice.

Remember then, that you are no longer a child waiting to accept change as it is handed down to you by others more powerful. You will be a King then and you must effect change. There are those who will never accept that change and you will be at war with them. There are those who want you to fail so they may claim your glory for themselves and you will be at war with them. Finally there will be choices that will pit your mind against your soul. These are the toughest battles, young king, for you will be at war with yourself.

Your first lesson begins today.

This morning, I was in council with your father. He rides to Northend of The North Land, seeking to barter peace with the Northmen. The council and I, expressed my concern against such actions but he has grown old and tired. War is incessant, and it has taken its toll on him. I fear, he will not return from this Journey. If the Northerners do not kill him, my assassins will.

My loyalty, you must understand, is not to the crown, but to the land. The council work to secure the safety of Torvenfell’s ambitions. No harm will come to you child, for you will be King soon as Torvenfell must have a King of the royal Varn bloodline, and you will have a choice.

Seek revenge and stand against The Council or take your throne and become the most powerful king in the twelve lands. Which will you choose Carsedius Varn?


I know that my father is already dead, Vicar. The northerners did not kill him.

I am King now and Torvenfell’s throne lies before me. There is yet a third choice I may make. Am I not King ? true and just ? How then, can I leave the traitorous Vicar to be?

I will slay you here and now Vicar, for you have taken the life of my father like a coward, with a knife in his back. But I will not let it be known that you did it out of some sense of loyalty to the land. Instead, you will be called traitor and colluder with the Northmen. Then I will go to war with the north and lay claim to their lands for your council is wise even if its method unforgivable. The Council will fear me, the North will be won, my father avenged and I will be king. War my dear Vicar, comes to us all.


You are now a King indeed, Carsedius. You have taken your father’s throne, stolen my righteousness and used them both to your ends. I would spit on your face before you slay me, but I will not, for I admire your cold heart. You are King this day by my death and you will lead us well in War. For Lions are kings only in poems and tales. Wars are won by hungry dogs like you.

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Ram has been making up stories since he was a kid. It was only recently he decided to put them down on paper and tell other people about them. When he isn't writing, reading or generally concocting devious ideas, he enjoys being a musician, an engineer and a marketing professional. His area of literary focus is fantasy, horror, sci-fi and similar forms of fiction. He lives in India with his amazing wife.


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