Sunday, October 17, 2010


Call of the Indigai
Transcribed from the original by L. Abraham Armitage, PhD

(Plate 6.7, Object 5: site A)

Swarm of darkest depths
Swarm of wet flesh
Swarm of sinuous meat
Swarm of corded muscle
Swarm of deep-meat-upon-bone1
Swarm of meat layers beneath skin
Swarm of living-while-cut-by-edge flesh
Swarm of bleeding, pulsing meat
Swarm of quivering flesh beneath the knife
Swarm of muscle beneath dead skin
Swarm of marrow, cracked
Swarm of supple, infant flesh
Swarm of butchered organ meat
Swarm of flaccid, bloodless muscle
Swarm of raw, bruised and skinned flesh
Swarm of stinking, sweet meat
Swarm of salt-rubbed meat
Swarm of needled meat
Swarm of flesh-ground-beneath-wheels
Swarm of slashed, ragged meat
Swarm of peeled, layered meat
Swarm of flesh-in-blood-water
Swarm of translucent flesh
Swarm of boiled fat and meat
Swarm of soft-shredded skins
Swarm of bleeding, cast-off meat
Swarm of flesh rippling-in-shadows
Swarm of muscles during lust-making
Swarm of need and endless hunger
Swarm of the horde

Hear my call
Rise from the depths of the earth to grow,
Rise to sweep across the land like a wave of bodies
Rise to sweep across the land like a wave of flesh
Rise and devour
Devour all,
Devour all,
Nailed hands carry back to the depths
Nailed hands devour all.

1. !agth, literally the thick, deeply colored meat which clings to bone. The natives had roughly 217 different recorded words for flesh/meat, most of them relating to butchering of living animals, including humans.

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