Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The Quest for the Golden Cake
By David Macpherson

Hi, it was a pretty good day for him. He didn’t have any aggression in class and did most of his work. The only incident was when he went to the bathroom in the afternoon. He’s usually good about this at school. He was taking longer than usual so I sent an aid to check him and he was in the bathroom by himself, pushing his head into the mirror over the sink. He had to climb up to get to it. The aid got him down and he came back to the class, but we never saw him do this before. He was fine after that, just wanted to keep you abreast. Have a good night - G.

The Boy Who Was a Cat went into the dark room where he searched for the item he was on a quest for. The Great Leader had asked him to find the Golden Cake, which is not a cake to be eaten, but to worn like jewelry. The Ghost Enemy had stolen it and given it to one of his minions to keep. The Great Leader believed the Golden Cake aided him ruling the After Lands and he did not want that power to be near the Ghost Enemy. It did not matter if this was true to the Boy Who Was a Cat, all that mattered was that the Great Leader sent him on this mission, and that he trusted the Boy Who Was a Cat.

It took three days of hard travel through the Opaque Jungle and there were many adventures on the way, but the only thing worth reporting, and retelling to the Great Leader, was the Golden Cake. The Boy Who Was a Cat followed the trail to the Yellow Cave. The Dark Cat appeared and sneered at him, “You will never get what you search for! The Great Leader will never wear the Gold Cake. I have stolen it for the Ghost Enemy. You will have to go back a failure.” The Dark Cat jumped back and went through a large oval mirror. The mirror rippled and the Dark Cat was gone.

The Boy Who was a Cat took out his sword and hesitated. Going through the mirror to the Dark Lands was a dangerous thing. The last time he went through, he thought only angry things for a week. But the quest was important and the goading of the Dark Cat would not stop him from what he needed to do.

He pushed the mirror with his sword and it opened like an eye and he squeezed through into darkness. The Dark Lands were certainly so. The Boy Who Was a Cat sang to his sword and it glowed enough light for him to move forward.

Soon he noticed something else glowing, he moved toward that and there was the Golden Cake. It also was bright, like the Great Leader himself. He went to it and scooped it up. He strapped it to his sash and headed back.

He walked for a long time, but could not find the back side of the mirror. Maybe that was why the Dark Cat left the Golden Cake for him to find, for he believed the Boy Who Was a Cat would not find his way back and be lost in the Dark forever. A vicious plan that was working. The Boy Who Was a Cat kept on turning and walking and walking and turning. The Golden Cake became heavy and weighed him down.

But it is important to remember that the followers of the Great Leader were never completely alone. And it came to happen that one of the Large Angels discovered him and took the Boy Who Was a Cat back to the place he needed to be. Everyone would soon be pleased with what he had done.

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