Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Prayer to the Great Creator
By Earl S. Wynn

I’m a 37th level Paladin of the high holy duchy of Yar.

I like to think that I would be a higher level by now, but our king gets first pick of whatever beasts are unlucky enough to wander into our lands.

He’s level 77 now, and still he hires adventurers from other lands to “save his kingdom” from the occasional ghoul infestation that happens in a neighboring country.

I think he just wants to deny his rival kings the EXP. That, or he secretly hopes each time that the adventurers will fail, in which case he can scout out the cave himself and add their meager gear to his already overflowing collection of leather armors and long swords, among other things.

Oh, great DM in the sky, god and master of all that is,
Please put an end to this sham.
All I ask is a new plot hook,
A monster with monkeyed stats,
A handful of buffs,
A couple of levels,

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When you eat pizza Hawaiian style, you’re eating with Wynn.


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