Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Taste Of Her Is Sweet
By Shawn Wunjo

Don’t do it, son. Don’t. You’ll see all too late what I mean and where. Lay it open, tickle it, run your tongue across the slick sweetness and let yourself fall into the silky rise and curve of hunger, of force and need. She’ll take you then, take you away to another land, a place where the soil is harder to till and the crops are fewer, a place where each shiver and shared collapse unbridled yields more pain, more crying, more screams, sharp and bitter fragments of joy hard earned. Lay it open and you’ll want it. Go to those lands and you won’t want to leave them, won’t want to collapse back to what you can touch in the light, what you can kiss when it doesn’t matter.

But you’ll always regret it in the end. You’ll always look back and wonder what might could be.

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Shawn Wunjo is the author of a number of banned books.


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